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Healthy Food, Burgers
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Healthylicious is a hip restaurant that is in sync with a healthy lifestyle.
Indulge in our fine selection of fresh gourmet Angus grilled burgers and steaks. Spices break down the tough brisket meat while allowing its flavours to emerge amongst the complexity of our secret sauces. Beef should not be an exercise in aerobic mastication, nor should it be stringy and dry. In a proper burger the meat surrenders instantly to the chew, melting in the mouth and flooding it with flavour. You choose your size and portion! Its important to have crusty bread with enough density and chew to support the meat, when you hold our burger you can feel the contours of the fillings through the bread.
And for white meat lovers, satisfy your hunger with our fine selection of grilled chicken or freshly alchemized fish burgers.
Our exclusive Japanese menu will tantalize your senses into Eastern highs. Be it Maki Rolls, Sushi Nigiri, Sushi Ora or just mouth watering Japanese appetizers, devour and delight!
Complementing our menu, our comprehensive desserts, fruit smoothies and protein shakes caters to every taste. Whether you want to bulk up, have a protein recovery shake or just snack right, we have orchestrated our menu to suite your needs. Sweeten your taste buds and quench your thirst with our summer coolers, then smile, for you didnt cheat. Even though it feels like you have!

Healthylicious Menu

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Healthylicious 's most selling dishes from their menu:

From Healthylicious Low Fat Sugar Free Desserts: Low Fat Sugar Free Protein Chocolate Mousse Cake

From 150G Grilled Chicken Breast : Grilled Chicken Breast

From Healthylicious Lean Gourmet Burgers: Bomb Lean Beef Burger

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Healthy Food,Burgers

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