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Japanese, Chinese, Thai
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Ready to create your own culinary meal!

Concept that goes beyond your imagination, it satisfies every appetite which start from our fresh ingredient buffet line. The Attila Mongolian grill concept defines the freedom and individuality that customer desire in a unique dining experience. The customer is the master chef and every single meal is their unique creation. The buffet style ingredient selection gives customer the creative control. All the elements to create the perfect meal are at the customer`s fingertips, which is where the fun begins. Customers start their culinary experience at the buffet area filling the 4 individual bowls with their favorite ingredients of the wide variety of meats, seafood, fresh vegetables and signature sauces. Then they carry their tray to the focal point of the restaurant were the Master Griller greets them and stir-fries their chosen meal before their very eyes. At Attila Mongolian Grill, no two meals are identical.

Attila Mongolian Grill Menu

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Attila Mongolian Grill's most selling dishes from their menu:

From Noodles Mongolian Grill: Combo Meal

From Appetizers: Mongolian Noodle Soup

From Noodles Mongolian Grill: Vegetarian Meal

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