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Turkish, Breakfast, Lebanese
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Welcome to Anatolia, a restaurant that serves great variety of Lebanese Sandwiches & Saj Wraps. Turkish Doner & Kebab. Italian brick oven baked Pizzas & more.

Anatolia is located in Kuwait - Bneid Al-Qar Area at Divona Hotel, and you can enjoy their great delivery food when you order online in simple and easy steps through Yayik.

You can enjoy their flats, Mana`eesh, Saj or maybe their Turkish Doner. For appetizer you can try their Mini Falafel Bites it`s really light & tasty, there is three more kind as well. From the specialty wrapz, they are known for their Saj Halloum Special, Saj Habash wo Kashkawan, Manousha Dejaj wo Jebneh, Manousha Fahita Dejaj & Manousha Thalath Ajban with Khodar, and for their famous Doner Special with Pomegranate Syrup & Fresh Rocca leaves, Turkish Doner with Saj, Mexican Style Chicken Shawerma & Kebab Saj Sandwiches. If you are a fan of pizza, you might want to try the Pizza Doner Turkey or the exquisite Pizza Mana`eesh. If you are a Seafood fan, you should try the famous Anatolia Shrimps tasty Saj wrapped or Saj Tuna Special.

And as for desserts, Anatolia recommends their famous Anatolia Sweet or Saj Chocola wo Rahash or the Saj Chocola wo Moze to have the complete experience of Anatolia restaurant.

Please note that we only use Fresh local Meat & Chicken on a daily basis beside the Fresh Dairy & Vegetables to serve you the highest food quality.

Anatolia Menu

Anatolia online menu is available on Yayik. View the online delivery menu prices and place your order now.

Anatolia Restaurant 's most selling dishes from their menu:

From Turkish Doner Shawerma & Kebab: Doner Lahem Saj Bread

From Meat & Poultry Mana`Eesh: Manousha Dejaj Spicy

From Turkish Doner Shawerma & Kebab: Doner Dejaj Saj Bread

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